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turning two

Among the blades and between the lines of chalk

There are many things to be angry about

Muffed balls that are called errors

Missed grounders that have eyes seeing their way through the infielders to become singles

Curves that don’t break and scream over the wall

Too many things to be happy of as well

A scooped ball tossed with precision to the waiting gloves an instant before a foot hits the bag

Camping under a lazy fly ball to end the hopes and dreams of a boy turned man at the plate

Happiness comes from the other side as well

Long fly balls that elude gloves and thundering feet

Lacing white blurs over the heads and outstretched arms of leaping bodies

But of all these things

One happenstance rises above the rest to bring down shame on the one side

And glory to the other

The bases loaded double play

Nothing will alternately enrage and delight a manager, depending on perspective

Casey may have struck out

And all was sad in Mudville

But, when Tinker, Evers and Chance turn that bases loaded double play and walk off the field

Dusting their uniforms, tossing the ball back over their shoulders for Tram and Sweet Lou to grab it for some pickle in between frames

That is when, between the lines of chalk and among the blades

That heroes are made, goats are born, and the legends live on forever

That is ‘our’ game, ‘our pastime


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, book of the week #3

Title says all the description needed, ūüôā

This book was one I’d read when I was a little squirt and I figured my own little one would love it too, and she did!

We laughed at Fudge’s antics, cried a little at the demise of Dribble, and now cannot wait for the future exploits of these characters.

Too bad there’s no movie, I think this would resonate well on screen, especially with obnoxious kids to play Fudge and Sheila.

I suppose the tv show Malcolm in the the Middle was close to this, just with more siblings.

Emily did well on her recall for going over the events and she asked me some good questions as well that showed she was reading and not skimming.

Next week, my wife, Audrey, will be reading the book with Emily. ¬†Their book will be Alice’s Adventures in wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

See you soon, if anyone is even reading this anymore!!

Book of the week, Week #2 – Matilda by Roald Dahl

Our second book was Matilda. ¬†I’d never read this book, nor have I seen the movie. ¬†Emily has seen the movie but not read the book, so this was a new experience for both of us.

I liked the story, it was fast paced, and had its deep moments.  We will be watching the movie for a family film night soon.

Spoilers below:


Matilda is a very intelligent, sparkly little girl who is hated by her parents and eventually the head teacher at her school, The Trunchbull.  She gets even at her tormentors by playing pranks and even discovers a telekinetic power in her eyes that she uses to get at Trunchbull and even to do a huge solid for her favorite person in the world, Miss Honey.

A happy ending, and lots of fun times on the way, I enjoyed Matilda and can’t wait to see the movie for the first time.

Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

My 9 year old daughter and I have started a book of the week project. ¬†She picks a book from a 4th grade list I compiled, and we both read the book that week. ¬†Then we talk about it and she has to take a test (she is homeschooled and this is her reading class, I’m doing it too to encourage her)

First book on the docket is Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan, published in 1942

Warning, spoilers are ahead


The story is set in Norway in 1940 in a small town called Riswyk. ¬†The town is fearful that the German s will invade their town and try to collect the $9 million in us dollars that sits in the bank. ¬†The main character is Peter, a grade school age boy with dreams of helping his country. ¬†Peter’s uncle Victor comes up with a plan to save the gold. ¬†The children of the town will sled it down the mountain to a fjord and it will then be loaded on a boat to sail for America for safekeeping away from the Nazi troops.

Along the way, the children face perils of overzealous Nazi Commandants, curious Nazi troops, and the possibility the snow might melt and ruin all the plans.  There is even a monster blizzard that snows everyone in for a few days.

It’s kind of funny that the children are able to sled the gold downhill right under the Nazi noses and eyes, and the story would be kind of far-reaching if it weren’t based on a true story. ¬†There are a few spots where the story jumps and misses plot points, such as when Peter’s father is totally against using the children, but on the next page, with no further convincing or talking, he is resigned to the plan. ¬†But it is, after all, a story aimed at kids, so it can be forgiven.

I liked it overall, and my daughter loved it.  There is a movie based on the book, but the vhs alone is $79, and I said never mind.

Stay tuned for next weeks book of the week by Art and Emily!

poison ivy sister of cinderella


For my daughter, who digs poison ivy, hope you like it too


red hood and arsenal coloring cover, this one won me a contest at a local comic book shop

Lois & Clark coloring cover


normal markers used for this, I really like how the bricks turned out

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