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Jon lived alone and that was how he liked it.  He loved knowing that when he got home from work everything would be the same as he left it.  He hated people messing around in his stuff, and that was why he rarely had anyone over.

Jon also liked to go out drinking with his pals, and he’d come home drunk and masturbate bitterly while thinking about the women he’d seen in the bars but been too afraid to approach.

For the past week, he’d been noticing things were out of place like cups were in the sink he didn’t remember using and the blankets and pillows on his bed were in different patterns than how he remembered leaving them.

He thought it looked like the remote and mouse were in odd spots too, and when he went to take out his garbage, he wondered that he was eating so much.

Was he blacking out while drunk?  Eating too much food and messing up his orderliness without remembering it?

He never used to need this much toilet paper, but maybe all the excess food was causing him to go more.

And then came a Thirsty Thursday, he’d come home blitzed and passed out on the couch.  Normally when he drank, he’d pass out and sleep the night away and not get up until it was time to go to his second shift job.  But this time, he woke up in the middle of the night, thirsty for some water and needing to piss.  He just lay there on the couch for a minute to get his bearings, and he heard his toilet flush, then the bathroom door softly close and a rustle of noise.  A few moments later, he heard another door close quietly, almost stealthily.

He was wide awake then, his buzz burned off in the fear that he was not alone.  His first thought traveled to ghosts, but he rejected that right away because he didn’t believe in that hokum.  The next logical step was that there was somebody in his home with him and it gave him the willies.  Did they watch him sleep?  Were they the ones using his dishes and moving all his things? 

Were they the ones sleeping in his bed and moving his bedding??

Jon was not a fearful man by nature; he was confident and self-assured, and not prone to holding back.  He got up from the couch, and first he got his drink of water, just to have something in his hand when he searched, sort of a security blanket although he’d never admit that.

Then he went door to door in his apartment, looking even in the closets that were far away from the noises he’d heard.

Pantry – empty.

Hall closet – empty.

First bedroom – empty.

Study – empty.

First bathroom – empty.

Second bathroom – empty, but the toilet was filling up and the sink was wet.

His bedroom – empty.

That left one place, and he eyed his closet door warily.  It was a walk-in and about 8’ by 8’.  It held a washer and dryer in the middle towards the back and two rows of hanging rods on either side.  There was also a roof access in there.

He was not looking forward to opening that door, but he was not going to live with this fear of having someone move around in his home without him knowing it.

He opened the door, reached in and turned on the light and saw nothing but his clothes and appliances, at first.

This time he was looking for something specific and he saw it on his second look, and it sent shivers down his spine.

From where he stood in the doorway, he could see the start of a pile of clothes behind his washer.  He could see feet, or socks maybe.

And when he looked into the tiny space between the washer and dryer, he saw eyes looking back at him.

An electric shock went through his body, the eyes widened as they realized they were recognized for what they were.

Time stretched out as they stared at each other.  Jon’s hand just relaxed and he dropped his glass of water onto the floor. 

He pulled out his phone to call the police and a woman’s voice asked him to wait.  He just stood there and looked at the spot where the eyes had been.  She was coming out.

Despite the situation, Jon was attracted to her right away, and dozens of porn movies flashed through his mind.   In addition, it was a surprise when she walked up to him, and put her arms around him.

She purred into his ear that if he didn’t call the police, she’d pay him back in a way that she knew men wanted.

He told her he was fine with that and put his phone back in his pocket.  Then he took charge, bent over and threw her over his shoulder.  He carried her to the bed, and jumped in with her.

After a few minutes of getting sweaty and hot, she asked him to do her.

Jon undid his pants and was in the act of entering her when he felt something cold, and she whispered to him, “This is my apartment now, and my life, you should have left me alone and not looked for me.”

Then she shoved the knife down into his back from the hug position with her legs locked around his waist so he couldn’t get away.

As his life faded, he wondered why she had chosen his place, why him? 


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