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He stood in the driveway again today for over an hour.  All he does is stand there and look at the other houses.  It looks like he’s sizing them up for something, although I could be giving him sinister attributes only because he’s unfriendly.  No one in our tiny neighborhood knows his name; he’s never even spoken to any of us.  His wife, or at least female housemate has tried to make conversation, but it’s clear that she isn’t really interested either.

We all know people are entitled to their privacy, but in 4 years, one would think a person would have to talk to a neighbor even by mistake.  It seems that the man waits for cars to pull out of their driveways, and people to go back into their houses before he does things outside.  He never even gets his mail or garbage cans unless there’s nobody around.  I’ve thought often of trying to trap him, wait until he’s at the road and then run outside and start talking to him.  I think it would be funny to watch his reaction, see him run or something.

Anyway, for the past few weeks, he’s been staring at our houses, and sometimes it looks as if he’s writing in a notebook.  I’m worried that he’s planning a caper or bad activity, but maybe he’s only planning to do some remodeling and is eyeballing our houses to get ideas.  He’s been acquiring wood too; he now has a rather large stack of planks and old doors next to his garage.  I wonder if these facts are enough to have him investigated, I may call someone.

Woke up today to the sound of a large vehicle at the crazy neighbors house.  Peeked out my window, and saw a big dump truck unloading long fat logs.  The neighbor was directing traffic on where they dumped them, and when they were done, he wrote on their pad and shook hands, and they were gone.  He went inside for a while, and came out with a chainsaw, and started cutting the logs into smaller pieces.  I know his house doesn’t have a fireplace, and I wonder why he needs all that wood.  I hope there’s a simple, harmless explanation.

OK, today might be my final straw; I may have to call someone.  He was out in his yard digging big hole, he’s got four of them done already, and they look to be wide and deep.  I’m worried that he plans to capture someone and put him in a pit, although I’m not sure why since it’s out in the open.  Oh, maybe I should go over and try to talk to him, see what’s going on.

Well, that accomplished nothing.  He wouldn’t even talk to me except to tell me to get off his property.  I asked him why the hostility and he mumbled something about my kid and dirt bikes.  I guess I have that coming, he did ask nicely for me to keep my kid from riding his toys on their yard, and I never really pushed it because it was only a few feet.  Maybe I’m the bad guy in this after all?

For some reason, he’s dug those deep pits all around his house, and he’s started to board up his windows and build a fence with the logs he’s been cutting up.  But the fence isn’t on the property line; it’s about 10 feet from his house, right behind the pits.  It’s almost as if he’s fortifying against marauders, but that would be laughable, wouldn’t it?  Marauders in modern America?  What a loon, I won’t report him to the police, but I will continue to watch him and document this in case anyone ever wants a record of his insanity.

For the past week, UPS and the post office and Fed-Ex have been dropping off packages to his house.  Long thin ones and smaller ones.  And he’s been leaving for hours and coming back with carloads full of groceries, mostly water and toilet paper, how odd.  Yesterday, he even started tilling up a patch of ground in his back yard, which was already fenced in, but now reinforced and made higher.  It looks like he’s making a garden, he’s building some raised beds.  I wonder if he’s preparing for some apocalypse that isn’t coming?

It appears that the lunatic is indeed preparing his house for looters or something.  He’s started to put stakes on the outside of his wall, pointed wooden stakes that are slanted to about head height on a normal human.  The police did stop and talk to him today, but they left after a conversation where my neighbor showed them paperwork.  They nodded and were gone.  I wonder how a person gets permits to build a fortress out of their house?

Well, it’s been a few months since the wacko next door finished his enclosure, and nothing has happened except his garden beds have showed a little green.  My wife is starting to be concerned that I spend as much time as I do watching the neighbor, but it’s really only a few hours a day.  I am curious about the man who is not interested in being friendly.  He goes out daily and works on his wall and pits, strengthening the walls and deepening the pits, widening them, even connecting them in some spots.  It appears that he’s even built a hatch to his roof, because I’ve seen movement up there and then I swear I’ve seen a head pop out and look around.

I woke up today to the sounds of gunfire and screeching tires.  I jumped out of bed, certain that my crazy neighbor had snapped and was killing people from his castle.  I dashed to the window, looked out, and saw ruin and chaos.  There were cars smashed together on the road in front of our houses, and people shambling about covered in blood.  I couldn’t even see my neighbor; his house wasn’t open to the daylight anymore.  He’d long since covered up all his windows and doors, and had created different ways out of his house that I could see.

One of the people staggering by was on my lawn, and I put my jacket and shoes on to go out and see what was going on, and if he was alright or needed help.  I opened my door, and there were two other people coming up my front steps.  I only had the time to ask them what was happening and they lunged at me.  I managed to get back away from them and shut the door and lock it, but they are pounding at the door and glass, and I think it will break soon.

One of them bit me on the arm.  I know now why my neighbor has been so busy, somehow, he knew the zombies were coming, and now he’s safe and I’m going to die.  I don’t know why I’m still writing this down, except to remain sane until the end.  I thought he was the crazy one, we all did.  Now, he’s enclosed within a tightly protected box, and we’re all exposed.  The glass next to my door has just broken, and I can hear moans.  God help us all.


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