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Party Favors


I wrote this little bit of vamperotica for a friend who wanted to be a vampire.

Just think, he wasn’t even going to make an appearance at this stupid wedding.  He hated most of the people he worked with anyway, it felt like an obligation, and getting a damn gift pretty much made it one.

All dressed up, and no date, ugh, he wished it were over so he could just go back to his house and be alone.  How does someone like him even get invited?  Who wanted him there, or was he just another monetary presentation?

Oh well, at least he didn’t have to struggle to find dinner tonight, and there were lots of good looking women around for him to ogle.  And, being so tall afforded him more opportunity to look down their dresses, which was probably what they wanted anyway.

With beer in one hand, and a plate of chicken in the other, he turned from the buffet table to try and find a table in a corner so he could eat in peace and not have to socialize.

He managed to find one that was empty, so he plopped down in the seat facing the room, and went to work on his food.

He had a feeling that he was being watched so he didn’t quite raise his head but rather looked up through his eyebrows.  Now why in the world would that person be staring at him?

She was generally pretty nice to look at, and always good for a conversation, but he’d always gotten the idea that she was too good for him, and the way she was looking said otherwise.

His head came up fully, and he took in how she looked all done up.

The shimmering black dress that reached the floor, the sparkles in a v shape around the bosom.  An air of elegance in the complete lack of jewelry, her hair, black as the night hung loose to just above her shoulders.  He’d never even imagined her being this sexy, it was as if he was drinking her in, and she him.

She was much shorter than him, and also most of the women he looked at normally, but she sure did fill out the dress, and he could feel arousal arriving unintended.

The scarlet lips, the glimmering fingernails, the smoky look in her eyes, the tilt of her head that suggested things, a slight smirk playing across the mouth.

He was standing without realizing he’d stood, and he felt a tiny tremor of disquiet in his brain but he squelched it in favor of the moment he was having with her.

She turned around and walked towards the hallway and possibly the door beyond, and so he followed, almost like he was walking through mud or deep snow.

When he reached the hall, she was nowhere in sight, and he figured it was all a big joke, and was turning around to go sit back down when his peripherals caught movement outside the open door.

Stepping outside, he had time to realize he was in the area behind the building when hands grabbed the front of his sport coat and yanked him sideways.

The breath exploded out of him as he hit the wall, and saw that it was the diminutive gorgeousity that had led him out here.

His excitement showed plainly now, and he reached out to pull her in close, and to his amazement, she allowed it.

It was almost as if she was crawling into him, and their mouths met.

Her hands were in his hair, while his were roaming her voluptuous little frame.  He couldn’t believe his luck, coming alone to this thing and then ending up out here in this incredibly physical moment with one of the hottest there.

He’d just thought about forcing the issue to see if she would be willing to go further when the hands in his hair grabbed tightly and pulled hard.

His head arched up, exposing his neck, and he felt her mouth on his neck, and strangely, he felt her hips grinding on his at the same time.

His breathing was more ragged now as he fought to hold back the moment when sex would become an afterthought but it was like she wanted him to finish right then because her movements became more frenzied.

The tongue at his throat stopped as he exploded in his pants, and he felt her teeth bite down on his skin.

He tried to push her away, but it was like pushing against a block of granite.

Her teeth punctured his neck, and he could feel himself getting weaker as she seemed to be sucking the blood out of him.

His last conscious thought was that creatures of the night did exist, and he fell for one.

She licked her lips and straightened her dress as she felt his life force surging through her veins.

It was so much better to begin drinking when they were in the middle of an orgasm, the blood was much sweeter.

And the bigger the better, so much more to drink.

She felt like an overfed tick and decided to just have a fun night of dancing and partying now that she’d had her dinner.


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  1. I LoveLoveLove my vampire stories & vampire erotica, I’ve read countless authors & books in the genre. I believe you hit something fresh in this story. The time to begin drinking.

    The bigger the better… I fell asleep watching HAIRSPRAY this morning, and the phrases – ‘The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice’ and ‘the darker the chocolate, … something something something…’ are running through my head with this story. Even though they have no place in THIS one, really. Just a thought. You know I’m prone to fits of them.

    • grizyeti permalink

      I love that you combined one of my shorts with something else and it provoked such strong imagery.

      We were just talking about this, vampires and erotica. I love that too.

      Thank you mucho for the nice feeling of being liked, 😉

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