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How I love a Rainy Night


I’d been sitting there for about 5 minutes trying to decide what to do. I sure as hell wasn’t walking anywhere, not in that hard rain. I also wasn’t going to try to get under the damn hood and see what was wrong, especially with my acute lack of car knowledge.
Stupid, rotten new fangled automobile and all its problems, sometimes I think they’re more trouble than help. I’d rather be at home in my bed waiting for the sun to come and ride the horse into town than thinking I need to be there after dark in a rainstorm, and now stranded.
After about 10 total minutes of sitting there and pouting and griping about it, I’d mutually decided to not only get out and trudge through the storm and get soaked, but to walk to the person who’d sold me this infernal machine and give them a stiff kick in the butt.

Before I could open my door and get moving, I saw what I guessed where headlights coming from behind me, and all I could think was who else in these parts had a car like me? Who else would be that confounded slow to think they needed this much speed and power when a horse is much safer and easier to take care of?
Well, no matter, it was indeed another auto, and they passed me real slow like, almost as if they was checking out what I was doing, and then they pulled off the road in front of me and I saw them blasted red back lights go off and then their driver’s side door opened.
A man I’d never seen before stepped out of the other car and boy howdy was he a big boy, had to be well over six foot tall and pushed way past 200 pounds.
He strolled kind of casual like back to my car, stood by my door, and made a rolling motion. It took me a bit to realize he wanted me to roll down my window, so I cranked away, and the rain came pouring in.
The giant leaned down and looked at me with concern in his eyes, “Is everything all right, sir?”
“Well, boyo, no, it’s not. This dratted machine up and quit on me and I’ve no idea why. I’m about 5 miles from home, and 10 from town, and I’m afraid I’m stuck out here.”
“I could give you a ride home or to town, sir, it’ll just cost you the price of my petro and maybe one tiny little favor down the road.”
“Much obliged, I’ll accept that offer, sure beats sitting here in the rain, or walking in it besides.” At this point, I should say I wish I’d been much more careful when I was tossing around promises of favors, but I’ll get to that.
After running through the rain, and getting into the comparative warmth of his auto, I directed him the way to my house, so he turned around and we started back the way I’d come, and him too for that matter.
We rode in silence, which was fine, I’m not exactly a friendly type, nor do I care for chitchat, and so I was relieved when I saw my mailbox and told him where to turn in at.
He pulled up to my front porch, and I told him thanks and to come by for that favor whenever he needed it, and I was reaching for the door handle when he placed his hand on my left arm, stopping me from getting out.
I turned to him to ask him unkindly to remove his touch from my person when I looked in his eyes. Red rimmed and full of tears they were, and so I said nothing, figuring the time had already come for that favor.
He took awhile to get up the courage I saw, but when he did, he unloaded on me something that at the time got my dander up right quick.
“You see sir; I’m the beneficiary of a onetime grand prize. I’m kind of from the future, where there is so much technology you wouldn’t even know where to walk and where not to. Well anyway, this grand prize was I could pick one time in history to go to, but it was a one shot deal, and so I chose this moment.”
“Why today, a rainy nasty night in the middle of Podunk nowhere?” I wasn’t sure I believed this load of garbage, but him being so big and knowing where I lived gave me pause.
“Because I knew, and it doesn’t quite matter how, but I knew that today you would be stranded like you were, and I needed to talk to you alone when I could extract a favor from you.”
“I see, continue.”
“You’re currently 30 years old, and unmarried, but in a few years, you’ll get married to a sweet little girl from the next county over. When you’ve been married a few years you’re going to have a son. That boy will grow up and get married at the age of 20, and when he’s 25, he’ll have a boy and then 5 years later, a little girl. When that little girl is 6, you’re going to start thinking it might not be a bad idea to start touching her where you shouldn’t.”
“Now, you just wait one minute…”
He held up his hand, “Please let me finish, this is my only chance at this, and I’m limited on my time.”
“Fine, but when you’re done, we’re going to have a different type of talk.”
“If there’s time, then sure. Anyway, that little girl is my little sister, I’m your grandson. When I’m 23, and she’s 18, all the little life things that have haunted her for 12 years will come crashing down around her and she’s going to kill herself. The favor I want from you is this, keep your filthy fucking urges to yourself. Do not touch her, do not ruin her. She’s got a great mind and can really be something if you don’t fuck her up. You’re still alive when she dies, but you’re so arrogant that you don’t think it has anything to do with you, but know this, and know it well. If you don’t change what will happen, if she kills herself because of you, I’ll make sure they never find you, and I hope you can see it in my eyes that I mean every word I’ve said tonight.”
“I see that you think you’re telling the truth, but now-“ I just stopped talking, because he faded from view and was gone.
Now, I may have thought I dreamed the whole thing, because when I woke up, my car was in the drive and his was gone.
It’s odd though, he was right about my marrying, and our having a son, and what’s even more frightening, is that our son’s wife is now pregnant after 5 years of trying.
I’m scared for my soul if I can’t stop myself from ruining a little girl.


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