Shadowy Hallway

Wrote this for my daughter, who is 5 yrs old.  She asked me for a ghost story.

Always afraid of the dark, Emily refused to even go five feet from her parents once the sun went down.  There was no rational reasons for her fear, she was terrified of the unknown and didn’t want to venture very far.  Finally, her dad convinced her to go the bathroom alone by telling her to turn on lights as she went and she’d be fine.

The hallway had many doors, and they were all open.  Doorways that had barely a hint of dark peeking out from behind the doors where something could be hiding.  She decided to just take one opening at a time, and hopefully she’d get to and from the bathroom quickly and safe.

The first room was where the washer and dryer were.  It had a door to the outside, and needed to be treated with caution.  She rushed by the room that had no door since her dad had taken it off the hinges after it had gotten broken.  Nothing came out at her, and it was 1 down, 3 to go.

The next two were her room and the bathroom that had a broken toilet and was now the cat room.  These doors were right across from each other and were the most likely place where something could be hidden.  Emily was hugging the wall between the laundry room and her bedroom, and she saw something behind her in the corner of her eye.  It looked like a shadow had run across the hallway opening.

She wanted to scream for her mom or dad, but she wanted to prove she was a big girl more than she was afraid.  She turned away from the potential threat and prepared to deal with the matching doors.  She peeked around the corner into the cat room and then looked across the hall into her bedroom.  She couldn’t see anything scary except darkness and she ran past the two doors.  Nothing grabbed her or reached out for her but she thought she heard a scratching sound coming from the laundry room now.

She looked back and didn’t see anything, but she still thought she heard the noise.  She would have to hurry or her dad would come looking for her and then he’d know she wasn’t as brave as she had let on.  The only scary part left now was the big open room at the end of the hall that was across from the bathroom.  She’d have to have her back to that while she turned on the bathroom light.

When she turned the corner, Emily thought she saw another shadow in the hallway but she rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door so she couldn’t see it anymore.  She’d worry about that when she had to go back.  After doing what she needed to, she was ready to run back down the hallway as fast as she could to the safety of the light with her parents.

Emily opened the door cautiously, and peered out.  Seeing nothing, she turned the bathroom light off and crept out into the cubby.  She peeked around the corner, and saw a clear and open hallway.  She couldn’t even hear the noises anymore.  She started running down the hall, little feet pounding hard.  She flew past the cat room and her bedroom and was going so fast that she couldn’t stop when she heard the low laughter coming from the laundry room.  She had no chance of avoiding the large shadowy body that glided out of the inky dark with its arms stretched wide.

She tried to stop and her socks slid on the tile, carrying her right into the giant hooded figure.  She started screaming, screeching, for her parents.  The tears were spurting from her eyes as the being swept her off the floor and folded her tight in its arms.  She struggled and hit and kicked, but the grip was like iron.

Then, through her terror and crying, she heard a voice.  It was talking in a soothing tone, and holding her firmly but close.  The hooded figure was her dad, coming to see if she was ok.  He’d gone to turn off the dryer, which had been making the scratching sounds she’d been hearing.  He was laughing at her feet, and how fast she was moving.

It took Emily a long time to calm down, but she went to sleep content, knowing that her dad and mom wouldn’t let anything get her and the hall wasn’t as scary as she made it out to be.

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