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Grizzly Beard and the Bloodhounds


The wolf lay dead in the snow, its head twisted to one side.  The sounds of the battle still reached the warriors ears, and he knelt for a moment to recollect and gather his strength for one last surge for glory.  The marks and wounds the wolf’s teeth had made were not deep, and yet they bled freely.  A trail led from the carcass following the warrior back to where the battle raged.  Shouts and clanking metal carried to him across the breeze.  He began to run, ignoring the stiffness in his legs and back, throwing caution to the wind in his need to aid his falling brothers.

He could not believe they had been met with such hatred and force.  They had come in peace, searching for new lands, not for dominion, rather for hard fought freedom from oppressions.  The shores of the Irish had been hostile.  Arrows had flown from the trees before the Finns were even close enough to lower their longboats.  Many of his brothers had fell into the sea, wooden shafts sticking from their chests, mouths opened in silent screams.  Hands reaching for the lands they had sought for many months.

At last, they had reached the beaches, only to find themselves sent upon by wild beasts of men.  Ripping and slashing with wooden swords and short knives made of rock.  The Finns had fought back, and had won the beach and made it into the forest when a larger company had dropped out of the trees and more had come from deeper in the woods, trailing behind giant wolves.

They had come in peace, and would die in war; a war they had not wanted nor had they sought battle.  Many leagues across the ocean, only to find death and blood and hatred.  When the sounds had died down, and the bodies were piled, only one of the warriors from the boats survived.  That one the Irish beasts took prisoner and gave him to their chief’s daughter.


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  1. Bummer of a story.
    Excellent ending words!
    “They had come in peace, and would die in war; a war they had not wanted nor had they sought battle. Many leagues across the ocean, only to find death and blood and hatred.”
    Very powerful!

    • grizyeti permalink

      This is inspired by Zepplin

      Plus, it’s in my ancestry, I had a viking relative long ago that came from Finland only to be set upon on the banks of Ireland
      Not sure how they ended up there, but ti’s still pretty cool.

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