Rebecca Besser’s ‘HALL OF 12’ Three Day Giveaway!

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Hall of Twelve Cover
Rebecca Besser originally wrote Hall of Twelve as a flash fiction story (1000 words or less) for a contest on the Collaboration of the Dead forum. Although she didn’t win, she and a few others were in love with the concept of the story –beings for an alternate realm that had flesh craving monster pets. These Beings captured those who didn’t serve as immediate meals for the pets and took them to the Hall of Twelve,where each captive was given the chance to win their freedom by a roll of dice. This version –the short story version –is much expanded past the original one that didn’t even reach 1K, and she plans to expand Hall of Twelve into a full length novel sometime in the future. The short story in ebook form usually sells on Kindle for $.99, but she has decided to give Hall of Twelve away for free…

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