The new me, week 1

I knew the time was coming for a change, I could feel it throughout my entire body.  The doctors were telling me en masse that I needed to lose weight, change my diet, and get more active.  My cholesterol was very high, I was on the doorstep of diabetes and heart problems.  Having been born with a faulty heart to begin with I was surprised I’d lasted this long anyway.

I was all set to get moving, and then I fell and nearly broke my back.  On sick leave from work for over 2 two months, sitting at home, unable to move, not allowed to exercise by orders of the physical therapist.  I was getting heavier and heavier.  Getting out of bed was beginning to be a chore.  The pain in my back and hip were excruciating and I wasn’t sure what to do.  It was getting to be harder to put my socks and shoes on than it was to do my physical therapy.

It’s time for that change.  I’ve reached my end.  I figured I’d blog the results as I go, and hope to find support and maybe someone will be inspired by a 37 year old moron who finally discovered that it’s time to live.

Today is my start, I’ll blog when I feel like it on this, but at the very least once a week.  I’ll weigh-in and share that info every week along with my various activities that I do.  Hardest will be my diet, but oh well, I already love veggies and fruits so I just need to cutout cheese and fried stuff. 

I weigh 245 today.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I’m only 5’9.5” and it’s almost all in my belly. 

Join me for my life transformation.  I’ll post pics occasionally as well.

11 thoughts on “The new me, week 1”

    1. Now I’m the one touched by your comments!

      Thank you so much

      Support gives me strength to continue

    1. You got it!
      I’ll post an update tonight, and include my plans for tomorrow
      I can consume a LOT

      1. Update comin this afternoon!

        Maybe even some more Crafters posts, I’ve been carving

      2. I am nominating you as per the blog protocol! lol. However, i am unsure if i pass on my questions or make up my own?? i hope you do not mind, consider yourself tagged!

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