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My writing journey this year started with small goals that have morphed into big ones.  I began January 1 with a simple motive, write at least 350 words a day for the whole year.  I knew I wouldn’t make this number every day but my aspiration was to average it for an entire year and thus write over 127,000 words.  I never assumed I could write it all on one story, but I wasn’t interested in that.  I was only aiming to get to the number and improve my weak and meager skills.

I ended January with 20127, which was 9277 over where I’d aimed to be.  I discovered at the end of the first month that my original goal was not lofty enough.  I’d had 15 days over the 350 mark, and 6 that had eclipsed 1000.  My high for the month was a huge marathon session of 3753 on the 23rd. At this point, the total was my single best writing day ever and it got me thinking I could go higher and higher.

I decided to try an experiment in February.  If I could get to 20,000 again then that would be my new goal for every month.  I had 15 days again that went past the old goal of 350, and 9 that eclipsed 1000.  Discovery of blogging helped my word count this month as some days I just couldn’t find any creativity in me except for blogging which was fine.  At least I was spewing words, right?  My high for February was 3797 on the 28th, which bettered my old best mark set back in January by 44 words.  My total for the second month was 24791.  I knew if I could get there in the shortest month I could do it for the rest of the year and so I raised my new goal to 20000 or more every month. 

March has been incredibly good to me.  With a little over 4 days left I’m crossing over the 50000 barrier in one month, will even do so during writing this here thing.  My old mark of 3797 has been crushed 3 times.  I can attest this huge month and all those that follow to a new routine I came up with to help stimulate my brain.  I have many different stories going all at once, and my new routine is to start with the lowest word count and write on it until it passes the story above it, and so on.  I never get bored with any idea and it forces my brain to stay sharp.  I devised this system in the early hours of the 11th and aside from 3 days have been rocking through it ever since.

For March, I’ve crushed the 350 goal 21 days (22 after today) and passed the 1000 mark 17 times (18 after today).  On the 12th I destroyed my old word count best day with a 5448 explosion.  I whooped all over that on the 18th with a 7215.  And just yesterday on the 26th I wrote out 4710.  It has been a banner month, coming into today I was at 49242.  That pushes my yearly daily average up to 1107 words per day.  I’m at 94160 for the year and have set my sights on yet another huge goal that I have stolen from a fellow blogger, no page left blank and their weekly blog post, Accountability Tuesdays.

I’m shooting for at least 500,000 words this year now.  Before my goal, which I thought was massive was just over 127,000.  Since I’m almost at 100,000 in the first three months I figured I’d shoot for the stars.  I need to average 1449 words per day the rest of the year to make it to the half-million mark.  I know it’s rough, but consider that since I implemented my new system of writing, I have averaged 3347 over 12 days.  I know it could just be a hot streak, and coming off sick leave at some point will have a huge blow to my productivity but what good is doing something without reaching further than you think is possible?

I will reach until my arm falls off and then pick it up and reach with both.  If I fail, I will put my name on this year, call it my own and know that I have done more than I thought I could. 


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  1. You’re a God among men, Mr. Griswold.
    All this accomplishment, and not to mention the time you spend playing & creating with your daughter, the time you spend loving & adoring Aud, the time you unselfishly give to a friend (where you drop whatever it is to give support or laughter – or even just an ear!) (Not in a creepy Van Gough way).

    • grizyeti permalink

      I do my best to be me
      Thanks Becki, I appreciate your comment and you make me happy

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