The new me, Week 2

Time for an update on my efforts to make my body healthier. 

I’ve been walking and eating better for almost 6 days now and it’s hard.  I miss fast food, I miss cheese, and I miss lounging on my chair.

I have been under my calorie count on all but 1 day so far and that one day I was over by 170.  I’ve walked a touch over a mile every day, and been doing solid on my times. 

I’ve been eating a ton of pickles, olives, and cucumbers.  Bananas, and apples.  Homemade green tea, no sugar.  Water, water, water.

Ramping up my activity at PT, I’m getting rave reviews from the staff there.  I’ve even been told that if I keep up my pace, I’ll be fine to return to work on my expected date.

I’m eating some fast food today, Easter Sunday, and later on I’ll be eating chicken, stuffing and potatoes.  But tomorrow, I’m back at it hardcore.

I’m not gonna stop until I’m under 180. 

In my first week I’ve lost 4 pounds.  That’s a great mark, it’s been so rough but I’m motivated and focused.

My hip screams at me when I do my walks, but I push through and whine about it after.  I need to get longer or faster, not sure which, but it needs to happen.

If anyone has any advice on how to keep my spirits up through this journey, feel free to share.

I appreciate the support from those who are doing so.

My final thought for this update is that I don’t know if I’d even been pushing through it were not for my better half.  She walks with me, she eats better with me, and we motivate each other.

I stay focused through her support, and the feedback from a few of you, my new friends, my old friends, my loves and my heart smarters.

Until next time, 4 pounds down, energy level raising, and pain is still high but I’m getting stronger than it.

25 thoughts on “The new me, Week 2”

  1. It isn’t easy when you start, particularly as you don’t feel and can’t see a difference yet. But this will pay off.
    I am 9 months into my journey now, and it is so worth the hard work. It feels great when someone you haven’t seen for a while tells you how good you look. It will start happening to you soon.
    I read this quote the other day and really liked it, “Pain is temporary, quitting is permanent”.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement!
      I can;t wait until people sart noticing

      I appreciate the comment and kind words.

      And I love that quote, mind if I steal it for the new title of my journey?

      1. Please go ahead, I have borrowed it from Jillian Michaels. It will probably pop up in one of blog titles soon as well 🙂

  2. So proud of you. i am nominating you for my bravery award!!! i do not know how to do this, please forgive me. Go see my friend writingthebody. Reblogged from writingthebody:

    Dear Dear Mouse (such a mis-conceieved name, no matter what you say!) has tagged me, and a few of those dear to me (including Caterina). I know I have been tagged lately, so I am not going to be conventional this time….The rules are in 11s. So for the first 5, I have chosen people I have not given an award to in a while.

    Read more… 684 more words
    I am thrilled and honnored beyond belief. I will probably totally screw this up, i apologize in advance.My answers follow this post. Thank you kindly. My nomination is grizyeti for having the courage to doccument true life changes, and having the creativity to write as he does.

    1. Wow, thank you!
      It’s a good feeling knoing that someone appreciates what I do on hereenoughto nominate me!

      THe documenting is hard, but Ifigure it gives me a measure of accountability.
      I’m so touched, thank you again

      1. Now, when i can concentrate better i will send it to you. i just do not want to mess it up. i broke up a dog fight and my arm is throbbing. By the end of the day, i will have it figured out. You deserve it! Thank you for being kind.

      2. hm, bright enough to bring people from reading to quiver with only words,
        I think bright enough to not be down on yourself

  3. Keep going!!! Sounds like you have an awesome coach to see you through this! Grab a 5 pound bag of potatoes,sugar,flour…whatever, at the store and carry it around. Then you will appreciate that 4 pounds even more. 🙂

    Sent from my Android phone on T-Mobile. America’s first nationwide 4G network.

    1. You know, I picked up potatoes here at home, and it put my accomplishment into perspective
      Great idea!
      Time to get rocking again after 10 hours of sleep

      1. Of course. i bet you would be surprised at how many people are finding that your updates give them the strength to keep commenting.

      2. I’ll keep updating then!

        I am so sorry I’m falling behind on my reading, I am bad

      3. Thanks! You’re too kind
        I need to manage my time because I’m prepping to go back to work finally next Tuesday. (Been off for over 70 days now)

  4. And starting next week, I’ll be getting more detailed on what I do for each day and what I eat, just incase someone wants to follow my journey and do it themselves.

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