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I was tagged for my courage and good writing by a new friend, hotlilmess

Her blog is lovely and helps me float away from daily stress as I get lost in her words.

I answered 11 questions, and have provided 11 more.

By the rules I have read, I only need to tag 1 person for this, and I always tag Becki’s Book Blog.  She is my blogging mentor and has done more for my writing than anyone who hasn’t written it.  I still wonder why she helps me so much, she is tireless in my stupidity.

1. Your time of greatest sorrow – In the early days of December, 1995, my first wife and I were still expecting our first baby in a few months.  But in that first week of the 12th month, she started having some problems.  No more movements, and she felt off.  She went to the doctor, and they told her that she was severely dehydrated and they would need to admit her for the good of her and the baby.  Two days later, she called me and said the little one had died inside her and they would need to force a stillbirth.  I went to the hospital and spent the time with her, until the horrible moment.  A person can never understand true parents anguish until they’ve held their first born child in their hands and know that he’d never take a breath or laugh.  I’ve had a hard life, full of physical and mental pain, but nothing has even entered the same arena as my baby boy being born dead.

2. Your time of greatest pride – I am a high school dropout.  I just never could wrap my head around class or the teachers at my high school who were more interested in being part of the clique than teaching or helping those who needed it.  But, the thing I’m most proud of out of my own life is that I took my GED 6 years later and aced it, finishing in the 98th percentile.  Showed that my problems in high school weren’t entirely my own fault, I could have used some guidance.

3. Your greatest pleasure – I experience my greatest pleasure every single day.  When I look into the eyes of my wife I know my reason.  She is my salvation, my reason for being.  I met her on a failed attempt by friends to simply get me some sex and we have been near each other ever since.  The days we have not been by each other’s side since the year 2000 I can count on one hand.  And the year previous to that since I met her we at least talked on the phone every single day.  Love is realized when the other half of your heart is revealed to you, at least romantic love, and I have found mine.

4. What is better than sex? A gentle unexpected touch as a lover walks by, casually throwing their hand out to caress a shoulder, cheek or neck as they pass.  Makes my skin shiver and my hair stand up, and just squirm in general.

5. Do you believe in God? And if so, describe it. Say why you believe.  No.

6. What is the best thing about a God you do not believe in….or its followers and faith – That they leave me alone.

7. Would you let a random person have sex with you?  As much fun as it would seem to be, I need to say No.  I am too much in love, I have made mistakes in the past and she has stood by me and I will not take any more chances just to satisfy my own weaknesses.

8. Do you prefer sex with your own gender, the opposite gender or transgender? If you are transgendered, choose whichever gender you like as your opposite. – I prefer opposite, it just feels right.  I do not judge anyone who chooses otherwise, it is just not my path.

9. Would you whip someone you loved if that person asked you to do it?  I would kill for my wife, so yes, whipping if she wanted it would happen.

10. Would you prefer to be publicly whipped for something you did wrong to being imprisoned for half the number of lashes in days (e.g. 100 lashes = 50 days). – Imprisoned I suppose, although some part of me leans slightly the other way.

11. When you were humiliated, how did you deal with it emotionally?  I laugh on the outside so no one knows what is inside.  But inside, I am always burning with rage and anger so when humiliated it grows redder and hotter.  I want to crush their windpipe.  And I tend to hold onto those moments for a long time, using them to spark creativity in one form or another.


My questions then:

1. Describe the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten that wasn’t on a menu, you had to invent it yourself.

2. Name and describe any challenges you’ve ever met

3. If you to eat a book over 500 pages, what book would it be and why?

4. What is your life’s passion?

5. Do you have any goals you’re hoping to try and meet over the rest of the year or however long?  What are they?

6. What was the nuttiest thing you ever did in high school, and did you get caught?

7 Regular socks pulled way up to the knees (drool) or stripy socks that are ankle huggers?

8. Have you ever dressed up in costumes as an adult?  What were they?

9. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever suffered? 

10. If you had the option to sit down, with no responsibilities interfering, and watching an entire series run of a TV show, what show?  Why that show?

11. Rape with no disease, or a boyfriend with a surprise?



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  1. Reblogged this on hotlilmess and commented:
    Oh my heavens…He outdid himself! Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you for answering and adding!!!

  2. i cried, laughed, and read again. Your writing is truly an art. Thank you.

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