The weekend cheats, and so do I


I ate what I wanted today.  Starting off with a turkey sandwich from Arby’s and a French dip from Arby’s.  I did however walk over a mile.

Went to a bookstore, got some nice books on how to improve my woodworking and other assorted crafting areas.

Took a nap, then went to my dad’s for dinner.  He makes homemade chicken strips with bread crumbs and chicken, totally delicious.

Add in some fried taters and onions, spinach and Brussels sprouts and you got a fine dinner indeed.

We watched various TV shows and then we got to see the end of the Michigan game.  Go Blue for the title on Monday.

After I came home, my buddies and I watched Dark Skies.  We found it to be scary and jumpy and we hope for a sequel.

I ate a few more pieces of the chicken, then went to bed.



All I’ve done so far today is write.  I have big plans for the rest of the afternoon, but I’m being lazy lately and I doubt I’ll get there.  Oh, and I’m committing food sin today, eating Taco Bell on my fat ride to gluttony.

Sanding the cherry limb is so satisfying.  I am starting to see the fruition of my labor coming out.  The wood turns so smooth and soft, but retains the beautiful look and lines and veins of the grain.  This is such a worthwhile project.  I cannot wait to finish the first one although I am sad I forgot to take pictures along the way.  Maybe with #2.  I am going to do 7, special gifts for certain people.

After a few tacos from the hell of bad decisions, I took a nap.  Then for dinner I finished off the chicken my dad had made and drank some egg drop soup.  My late night snack was some red grapes.

Then bed after submitting a bunch of stories for online publication, so here’s hoping.

In the morning is my dr. apt, determining if I go back to work or not.  Based on the info at hand, I’m thinking it will be a yes.

Back on the food and exercise track tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The weekend cheats, and so do I”

    1. Thanks!

      I know for a fact I won’t eat or sleep much today and tomorrow, not with going back to work after 70+ days off.

      Maybe I can do some walking

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