It was the week after Easter and I thought, what was the harm?  I let my son Billy eat all the candy he wanted to.  He was full to his eyeballs and bouncing off the walls with energy.  I wish I could have controlled it and made him clean but it was enough to pry him off the ceiling.

After about an hour the sugar crash happened and we put him to bed, grateful for the peace and quiet. My wife and I went to bed ourselves shortly after Billy was snoring.  We both woke up a few hours later to him crying and whimpering in bed.  I got to him first and he told me that he had a really big bad headache, it felt like his brain was moving. 

After a few tries of normal remedies, we decided to try the ER.  After a long wait in with coughers and sneezers and whiners, we were finally called back.  The doctor couldn’t explain the movement Billy was feeling and wanted to try a cat scan.  He confided in us that is was possible some sort of parasite had gotten in and was causing havoc.

It was tough to watch my son going into that big machine, (they let me watch because he’s only 6) but I knew it was necessary.  After a little while in the scanner the nurse was taking care of Billy and the doctor told me the scan results would come up on a screen shortly.

As the image of my son’s brain came onto the screen I heard the doctor mumbling under his breath, asking himself what in the heck he was seeing.  I had no idea what I was looking at, it looked like pieces of his brain had broken loose or something and were moving around in his head.  The doctor enlarged the image up on some of the bits and as they became clearer on the screen, we both stood up with our hands over our mouths.  The shock and horror filled the small room.

The bits were not parts of his brain.

They were ANTS!  They were everywhere in his brain, and it looked like they were heading down his throat too, eating the sugary residue from all the sweets he had eaten.  From the chew marks on his lips, ears and nose it was apparent how the ants had gotten into his head.  He must have had sticky sugar left over on his mouth and the assumption was that he had smeared it on his pillow and then onto his ears. 

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