Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

My 9 year old daughter and I have started a book of the week project.  She picks a book from a 4th grade list I compiled, and we both read the book that week.  Then we talk about it and she has to take a test (she is homeschooled and this is her reading class, I’m doing it too to encourage her)

First book on the docket is Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan, published in 1942

Warning, spoilers are ahead


The story is set in Norway in 1940 in a small town called Riswyk.  The town is fearful that the German s will invade their town and try to collect the $9 million in us dollars that sits in the bank.  The main character is Peter, a grade school age boy with dreams of helping his country.  Peter’s uncle Victor comes up with a plan to save the gold.  The children of the town will sled it down the mountain to a fjord and it will then be loaded on a boat to sail for America for safekeeping away from the Nazi troops.

Along the way, the children face perils of overzealous Nazi Commandants, curious Nazi troops, and the possibility the snow might melt and ruin all the plans.  There is even a monster blizzard that snows everyone in for a few days.

It’s kind of funny that the children are able to sled the gold downhill right under the Nazi noses and eyes, and the story would be kind of far-reaching if it weren’t based on a true story.  There are a few spots where the story jumps and misses plot points, such as when Peter’s father is totally against using the children, but on the next page, with no further convincing or talking, he is resigned to the plan.  But it is, after all, a story aimed at kids, so it can be forgiven.

I liked it overall, and my daughter loved it.  There is a movie based on the book, but the vhs alone is $79, and I said never mind.

Stay tuned for next weeks book of the week by Art and Emily!

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