Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, book of the week #3

Title says all the description needed, 🙂

This book was one I’d read when I was a little squirt and I figured my own little one would love it too, and she did!

We laughed at Fudge’s antics, cried a little at the demise of Dribble, and now cannot wait for the future exploits of these characters.

Too bad there’s no movie, I think this would resonate well on screen, especially with obnoxious kids to play Fudge and Sheila.

I suppose the tv show Malcolm in the the Middle was close to this, just with more siblings.

Emily did well on her recall for going over the events and she asked me some good questions as well that showed she was reading and not skimming.

Next week, my wife, Audrey, will be reading the book with Emily.  Their book will be Alice’s Adventures in wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

See you soon, if anyone is even reading this anymore!!

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