turning two

Among the blades and between the lines of chalk

There are many things to be angry about

Muffed balls that are called errors

Missed grounders that have eyes seeing their way through the infielders to become singles

Curves that don’t break and scream over the wall

Too many things to be happy of as well

A scooped ball tossed with precision to the waiting gloves an instant before a foot hits the bag

Camping under a lazy fly ball to end the hopes and dreams of a boy turned man at the plate

Happiness comes from the other side as well

Long fly balls that elude gloves and thundering feet

Lacing white blurs over the heads and outstretched arms of leaping bodies

But of all these things

One happenstance rises above the rest to bring down shame on the one side

And glory to the other

The bases loaded double play

Nothing will alternately enrage and delight a manager, depending on perspective

Casey may have struck out

And all was sad in Mudville

But, when Tinker, Evers and Chance turn that bases loaded double play and walk off the field

Dusting their uniforms, tossing the ball back over their shoulders for Tram and Sweet Lou to grab it for some pickle in between frames

That is when, between the lines of chalk and among the blades

That heroes are made, goats are born, and the legends live on forever

That is ‘our’ game, ‘our pastime

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