Needful Things

This is the first of many book reviews of my favorite author, Stephen King.  I’m in a self started book club with 3 other people, my wife, mom and best friend.  We all read the same book at roughly the same pace then talk about what we’ve read, so to speak.

Big time spoiler alert in all posts as I’m going to be speaking of specifics and my thoughts and opinions of such.  The opinions will become more detailed as I move down the list since we started this club a few years ago and the then fell off big time only to pick it back up recently with a vengeance.

Book 1 in this endeavor is Needful Things, the last castle rock story.  I read this book for the very first time somewhere around 1995, and have re-read it maybe 4 times since.  For this club, I read it in 2012, so my recollections may be a bit hazy and so I may keep this one a little more brief than others.

“Make ya squeak!”

Basic summary: Mysterious new shop opens in a small town, setting the entire population all abuzz.  New owner gives out great deals on exactly what your heart desires, only asking for a small favor in the future.  Turns out, he’s kind of like the devil, and his favors create chaos and carnage in the town.  The only man who somewhat stays sane is sheriff Alan Pangborn, the good to combat the shop owner’s evil.  Big confrontation and temptations fought back, the devil flees and turns up in a different town to start all over again after practically destroying Castle Rock.

I liked this read, tons of characters developed, all interwoven in each others storylines and creating tons of interesting suspense.  There was a movie adaption that is more than solid considering how bad some King movies turn out to be.  It does the normal hollywood thing and changes important and minor things, but all in all, a nice companion entertainment to the book.

Sorry I’m not more detailed on this first book, but I promise, stick with me and I will become more and more deep and diving into the stories.

Thanks for checking it out, hope you comment and come back.  Let me know if you like or don’t like my format, or have any ideas to make it better or anything.

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