Songpop, half off apps, and the trail of Xanax

The words to live by this Saturday night.

One, a game I am addicted to and spend farrr more hours playing than I probably should.

The next, a thing I am venturing out to do even though I am petrified of Saturday night crowds.

The third, a mater’s little helper that will allow me to do my venturing.

If you are uninterested, I do not blame you.  My life is hardly top notch material, and definitely not worthy of time spent on the internet.

Alas, I am here writing for me, and if any one else feels compelled to follow along, be my guest, there is room in my Chrysler that seats about 20.

Almost 2000 games played per week, so many songs, so many notes, that is 10,000 songs.  I am a seeker of mastering the playlist, 23 and counting.  I do try and annihilate all in my virtual musical path, but in the end, all I am after, is that fifth note and a hopeful badge to follow.

Zannies, ahh, many a night have you gotten me through.  Floating above the sewers, avoiding the gloved clown hands.  I feel a long island iced tea in my near future and then some delicious pretzels and beer cheeeezzee.

Let’s go people, come along on my not so fantastic voyage, and be amazed at the things and occurrences that fascinate my brain, drugged or not.

Tomorrow, back to life, and whatever reality awaits, but tonight, live on the edge of nothing.

Float on, my mousers, float on.

One thought on “Songpop, half off apps, and the trail of Xanax”

  1. Always gotta keep life interesting one day at a time.

    Speaking of song pop,I need to catch up on mine.

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