Top 100 Graphic Novels, Book #100 – Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness

This is actually book 3 of the Scott Pilgrim series, but it is the 100th entry in the list I am working on, so it is book #1 on my reading order.

Confused yet?

Anyway, I laughed a lot reading this, Scott is a kind of backdrop character in this volume with Envy and Ramona playing the more main roles as the sympathetic and not so sympathetic leads.  I’ll leave it to other readers to decide for themselves which is which.

Todd is the big douche throughout, and shows his true colors more than once.  He was played way cooler in the movie than in the book.  (by Brandon Routh)

This is the tale of when Scott’s ex, Envy, shows back up with her band that includes one of the evil exes of Ramona’s that Scott must defeat in order to date Ramona.  That’s it, there are fun things hidden all the way through, but that is the meat of the story.

“You cocky cock!”

I’ll give this a 7 out of 10.  It does a pretty good job of explaining the previous books, and so it can sort of stand on its own.

Next week, Book #99 (#2) – Punisher Born

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