Day 1

Put your ipod or itunes on shuffle.  Write 250 words inspired by the first and last lines of the very next song that plays:


Jan was tired.  All she wanted to do was sleep, but screaming babies and whiny boyfriends always made sure she was awake in some stage or another.  She was always bouncing from guy to guy, leaving each when the sex got boring and finding a new one at local bars.  She couldn’t wait to pawn her bratty kids off onto her mom each night and then rushing off to barhop and show off her long legs in whatever short skirt she could steal.

She had no idea that the guys that went home with her told each other that she was easy, easy and gave weird physical sex.  “Jan lays down and wrestles in her sleep” was the common joke between them.  One night after her and her newest fuck-buddy were spent, the dork with the big dick let the secret slip.  Jan’s feelings were crushed.  She knew that everyone thought of her as a slut, but she had no idea that the way she did it was mocked too.

Jan decided to go on a trip over the ocean to escape her reputation, maybe build a new sex partner system in Africa.  She’d heard the natives over there had monster dicks and she was interested in putting that to the test.  On the plane ride across the sea she allowed herself to be seduced by a lesbian flight attendant, fingers and tongues lashing each other locked in a tiny cubicle of a bathroom.

The sex fiend landed in Africa, and checked into a hotel near the jungle.  She immediately found a black bellhop and coaxed him back to her room to test out the theory of the African man and his endowment.  She was disappointed in his size but not his vigor in his attempts to please her.  Afterwards, she kicked him out of her bed and room after getting directions from him to a nearby camping ground where a group of men were practicing their native rituals for an upcoming festival.

Jan found the men in their games easily enough, and she flirted and flipped her hair to tease all of them.  It didn’t take long before she was on her knees surrounded by the men.  She discovered that her theory was true of some of them, and it wasn’t long before her mouth was working overtime.  Her hands were twisting and stroking as well.  Jan didn’t care as long as they kept the hardness coming at her and she could just be happy with whatever they had to say.  She just loved the fucking and cumming.

When she was in bed fading away to sleep, Jan thought of the boy who had told her the secret about her back home.  She thought about all the guys back home, and her mom with her kids.  That brought her to the man who had gotten her pregnant and had then run off after the second one had come.  She decided to write him a letter.  She got up, sat down at the desk in the hotel room with her pen in hand, and blank sheet in front of her.

Dear Tim, “I’ve been down hearted baby, ever since the day we met…”

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