Day 4

Write 250 or more words on the next piece of dialog you hear (This is not some of my best work, but I was following the prompt)


Never thought I’d end up with a date while lying on the physical therapy table, but that’s what happened today.  There I was, face down with a heating pad on my back, listening to the other people in the room talking and doing their own thing and then the PT and her assistant started talking about movies right near me.  Seems the PT had recently seen a movie I wanted to see, and the assistant was also interested in seeing it.

I waited until I was standing again and asked her if she wanted to maybe grab a bite to eat and watch it together.  She protested a bit at first, saying that it was against policy to see patients outside of work but the PT told her it would be fine.  We agreed to meet up at the local McDonalds and get some quick food before heading to her house to watch the movie.

Amy and I ate greasy food and watched a boxing movie, and it was a pretty good date.  After the movie, she asked if I wanted to maybe watch another movie and have a drink, and even though I was a little tired I agreed to stay and see where the night led.  She put in a romance movie and turned the lights down and it was obvious she had more in mind than a movie and a drink.  The drink was strong and the movie was weak but neither of us noticed the movie because she stuck her tongue down my throat.

The kissing was getting hot and heavy and I had my hand in her shirt when I started to get tired and heavy headed.  I fought the dizziness off but I was still losing control of my body and she shoved me off of her back onto the couch.  I lay there and watched her go to the door and in came the PT.  I was confused but then I finally lost my fight with the faint that overpowered me.

I try and follow the two women who murdered me and show them that they are being haunted, but apparently since I was too meek in life I don’t have the power after death to do much.  They go about their normal days and I’ve even seen them do their date night scam on other men.  They get away with it because they alibi each other.  I guess that’s what we get for being lonely and being in pain.

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