Scallop is poem that was published in the poetry book Stars in Our Hearts: Signs.  Not expecting anyone to buy it, just linking to it.

A lonely grey frog sits facing west in the early morning sunshineIMG_1341

The dew still glistening on his feet and face

He holds in his embrace a clay pot filled with dirt

The dew-drops run down his cheeks, resembling teardrops

No flowers grow in his dirt

No weeds dare to approach

He sits very still, awaiting perhaps a grasshopper or fly to light on the edge

Deep in the recesses of his mind, he may be thinking about the rays baking him into finger food

All we know for sure is that he sits very still,

He faces west

Cracks are showing on his countenance

If only the birds hadn’t eaten his seeds

A flower might have brought color

Always he sits, ignoring each new day, but saying goodbye to each old one

Ironic is the grin eternally frozen on his face

A lonely grey fog sits, loving the bird bath across the street in the shape of a mermaid

Sadly, she also sits facing west

Perhaps someday she’ll turn around so eyes can lock

Love, not spring is in the air

Unrequited, he endlessly stares at the horizon,

His heart breaks over and over again

She will never know of her admirer

Still, they both face west, lost in their own thoughts and worlds, neverending

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