you hide behind the fluorescent rays
very enigmatic
slipping between the beams
flitting in and out of focus
my dream scape seems fuller since your arrival
and yet only there do you feel truly real
i start walking, just to clear pathways in my mind
my feet go faster and faster
running as far as i can
am i running to you
or away
are you real
are you a figment
am i your figment
or just a throwaway in the haze of your not vision

I try to turn the pages of your book
but it seems like you only peek out from between the words
And as soon as I notice you noticing me, the words close in upon themselves
I hear you shout for someone to shelter you
Or is it just imagined echoes of hopeful conversations
Is that your voice singing love songs
Is it just whispers floating on the breeze
The mirror mocks my loneliness
The red boils over
Your reflection laughs at me from the shards left on the floor
Fiery droplets mar my perception of your cheeks
Splashing on the floor they tell me secrets
I take hold of the largest of the shards
I hear the voice and it enlightens me
I know what must be done to free myself
I know how to erase you from my heart
I squeeze the glass tighter
I only hope to find the courage

2 thoughts on “Fleeting”

    1. being in my head hurts my everything
      I am sorry for hurting your heart with what my head allows to seep out

      People would be amazed at what I hold back
      Maybe one day I should just open a word document and unload everything I hold in??

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