little one

how fragile her strongest grip feels in my hand

the little gifts that she holds such importance to

laughter ringing like chimes through my days

a smile that shows all teeth, but changes slightly when meant just for me

rigidity of creation when she arranges things

upee upee upee


want mumma

i’m full

can I watch cartoons

wanna wave!  wanna wave!

life worth living through all the garbage the world slings because she breaths

dance party

here you go daddy, you can borrow this

wanna lay down with yeeewwww

i need help, would you help me

can I paint on your phone

can I write momma a letter on your puter



2 thoughts on “little one”

  1. …you can borrow this. I miss those moments.
    Dance parties, camp-outs, of course you can paint on my $200 phone (as I google how to keep crayola from ever rubbing off).

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