Gaines Crafters make a comeback

Figured I’d give a Gaines Crafters update as well today.

There haven’t been a ton of projects lately, but we have done some things.

First up:

Tools: hands, scissors

Materials: old glass bottle with lid, glow stick (non-toxic),and glitter

We took an old glass bottle with a lid and poured silver glitter into it.  Then I took a new glow stick and got it glowing, then cut off the end and poured that into the bottle.

After shaking, we had a little night light that last one night and glowed bright green.  Dig the awesome picture I took of my little one holding it with all the lights off and no flash from my phone camera.



The other big project ongoing is a home made vampire hunting/killing kit.  It’s slow going, but I’m making progress.

My first step was to take some 1 inch doweling, and saw it into lengths of various sizes, ranging from 7-10 inches long.  Then all I did was take my Kabar Tanto knife and whittle the end down to a near point.  Then I took my tiny little orange Gerber knife and shaved it into a sharp point, enough to draw blood through pants.  Each stake took me about 5-10 minutes to do.  Hardest part was sawing the dowel in pieces.  I have no vise and I have to do this step by hand withmy knee holding the wood, kind of dangerous.  No cuts in this step.

End result are some wicked looking hand made stakes.

Tools for the stakes: saw, knife, hands

Materials: 1 inch dowel wood

IMAG0536 IMAG0537 IMAG0540 IMAG0542 IMAG0543 IMAG0547 IMAG0548 IMAG0550





















Second step for the vampire kit is not completely done yet, but it’s coming along splendidly.

I took a chunk of wood, not sure what it’s meant for but who cares.  I sawed it into two pieces, one longer than the other.  Then I sawed into the pieces of wood about halfway in.  I gouged out the chunk I had revealed and made a chock in the middle of each piece.  My last steps for these were to whittle the ends to near points with some curves in as I went.

I now have the pieces for a hand carved wooden cross for the vampire kit.  My goal to fix the pieces together will be to cut a leather belt into strips and tie it into one.  I pondered using wood glue, but since I’m trying to make it all look cool and wooden and natural, I thought maybe leather would work for a binder.

20130329_150024 20130329_150137 20130329_151652 20130329_190900 20130330_123133 20130330_124343 20130330_125124

Check out all the pictures and feedback is always welcome.  My next thing I’ll be working on will be some walking sticks from wild cherry branches, another cross for my mom for mother’s day, and then who knows?  Watch for my next installment.

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